14 gen 2013

Events Vestirsi da Uomo 2013

Fashion / Design / Graphics La terza edizione del progetto firmato Thecorner.com

When Pitti and thecorner.com invited me to curate this edition of Vestirsi da Uomo, asking for my vision of the ideal wardrobe, I thought I could only use my own tools of thinker, dreamer and consumer – the three personas being intrinsically layered. There are infinite ways to build a wardrobe: each, and none, valid. Mine is a relentless edit of forms and colors in order to create pragmatic yet slightly off-kilter symphonies – mistakes and imperfections being vital to the whole. It’s an endless work-in-progress: the closer you get to the final edit, in fact, the more you have to work. Thank goodness! This booklet is a how-to: useful in aim, poetically punk in spirit. In the editing process, of a text as well as a wardrobe, what’s taken away gives strength and meaning to what remains. In your hands is the backbone of my edit: a sequence of verbal and visual suggestions for you to flip through, hopefully getting a dose of daily enjoyment as you dress up and read. 

Angelo Flaccavento


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