courtesy of Francesco Petroni

25 gen 2017

Project room Lucio Vanotti Pitti Italics @Pitti Uomo 91

Fashion / Photography

Lucio Vanotti teams up with visual artist Francesco Petroni to document his FW17 mens collection with a series of animated gifs.

A man leaves his home in the middle of the night, in his mind the pages of the book he was reading. He elegantly wears his coat as the blanket of his bed. The lights of the city, the dignity of the Masai, sealing an elliptical, sleepy narrative.
Absent-mindedly: lines that flow, twist and turn, following an idea of ​​domestic nonchalance. Blurring the line between the sofa and the sidewalk, mixing the adult and the adolescent world.
Public and private mix and merge. Coats wrap the body like dressing gowns or robes, blazers have the thickness of heavy blankets, formal suits become tracksuits - a new kind of working uniform. Jackets liquefy in selvedge panels. The grown-up rediscovers the adolescent pleasures of sweatshirts and elastic-waist pants, in an ongoing alternation of proportions and disproportions. Shirts and ribbed sweaters are closed with zippers that recall the world of sports. The domestic nonchalance carries on in the accessories: Neoprene shoes resembling socks worn alone or with slippers.
Materials are heavy or classic worsted wools, felt and shirting cottons in a palette of gray, blue, bordeaux and taupe with dashes of tobacco and red. Tartans, pinstripes, shepherd and gingham  patterns create rhythm, alluding to bedtime.