DESIGN TEASER: Riccardo Manente di PRAIO

Fashion / Photography By Stefano Guerrini
  A businessman with plenty of ideas and a desire for action, even and above all, at a moment in time when launching new projects might seem difficult. And yet, after taking part in ... read more

Art and fashion talk The cult magazine “Holiday” is back

Fashion / Design / Graphics / Photography By Fedrico Poletti
  read more

ITS 2014. The international platform for up-and-coming talent

Fashion / Design / Graphics / Photography By Fedrico Poletti
    We often speak of “up-and-coming talent” and how to support them so that they don’t emigrate abroad. In Italy, competitions and initiatives for young ... read more

A matter of Talent. Interview with Antonio Mancinelli

Fashion / Design By Federico Poletti
    Let's talk about talent and the new generation of creatives in menswear with Antonio Mancinelli. An exclusive interview for Pitti Discovery.    What does ... read more

Design Teaser: Heohwan Simulation

Fashion / Design By Stefano Guerrini
    With the runway show for his Heohwan Simulation line, the designer Hwan He officially concluded Milan Women’s Fashion week. Korean, but a Londoner by adoption, the ... read more

Art and fashion talk All a matter of Talent and passion

Fashion Interview with Simonetta Gianfelici by Sara Pizzi
    “Identity, sensibility, culture and imagination.” This is how Simonetta Gianfelici starts her answer to our question about the meaning of talent in the fashion ... read more

Art and fashion talk The ultimate fashion show

Fashion / Design / Photography / Performance Interview with Caterina Gatta by Sara Pizzi
    A mysterious woman with oriental charm, her style and movements accompanied by a train of thought. She is waiting for a man. In the background, a luxurious hotel with bygone ... read more

Design Teaser: D.Gnak

Fashion / Design By Stefano Guerrini
    D.Gnak was the men’s fashion surprise in Milan in January, at the event hosted by the National Chamber of Italian Fashion. The label belongs to the Korean Kang Dong ... read more

Art and fashion talk Hats between Art and Extravaganza

Fashion / Design / Performance by Sara Pizzi
  To wear a hat, you need style, a tête-à-chapeau and a fair amount of irony. To make one you need unique skill. A concept known to Coco Chanel, who started her career ... read more

Art and fashion talk Emiliano Rinaldi presents Grand Chalet

Fashion / Photography / Performance By Federico Poletti
  Contemporary classic, sporty yet chic: these are just some of the perfectly harmonious oxymorons in “Grand Chalet”, the latest collection by Emiliano Rinaldi, presented ... read more

Project room In the Wings

Fashion / Design / Photography / Performance By Fulvio Ravagnani

Design Teaser: San Andrès Milano

Fashion By Stefano Guerrini
  We watched a runway show at AltaRoma just a few weeks ago by this former finalist in the prestigious 'Who's on next?' competition. A scholarship won in Mexico City to study in ... read more

Project room The white shirt according to me. Gianfranco Ferré

Fashion / Photography by Sara Pizzi

Design Teaser: Giancarlo Petriglia

Fashion By Stefano Guerrini
    Milanese, with studies at the Fine Arts Academy under his belt, Giancarlo Petriglia has an impressive résumé, starting with his years working in the style ... read more

Project room The harmony doctor: a non-stop pianist

Music / Photography by Fulvio Ravagnani

New Performer CASAMADRE

Fashion / Design / Performance

Design Teaser: Ortys

Fashion / Design / Graphics / Photography By Stefano Guerrini
  No stranger to women’s collections full of life and colours, featuring prints and accessories, his new project for 2014 is Ortys, officially presented at Pitti W, the ... read more


Fashion / Design / Photography / Performance

New Talents on Show

Fashion / Design / Graphics / Photography / Performance Paris hosts the first exhibition by Jean-Paul Lespagnard by Federico Polet...
  From 29 January to 5 April 2014, the Galerie des Galeries – the Lafayette exhibition space – will host the first solo by the Belgian designer Jean-Paul Lespagnard. An ... read more

Project room The virtual spaces of Georges Rousse

Fashion / Photography / Performance By Fulvio Ravagnani

Art and fashion talk Interview with Alex Israel

Design / Photography Gagosian Gallery, Rome by Elena Bordignon
  From January 16th Gagosian Gallery Rome hosts a two-person exhibition by Kathryn Andrews (Mobile, Alabama, 1972) and Alex Israel (Los Angeles, 1982). Both artists share a peculiar ... read more

Design Teaser: da Super Daizy Shely

Fashion By Stefano Guerrini
  She took part in the second edition of Super, the Pitti Immagine and Fiera Milano project in collaboration with Milan City Council dedicated to women’s accessories and ... read more