Fashion / Design At Pitti Uomo 84 the best known korean names
How and When did you approach fashion?
My mother was a fashion designer and she actually did lots of pattern work when she was a pregnant with me. I think that’s how I was influenced. I started fashion business in full scale when I started running a small boutique during my college years. I carried lots of clothes at that time and I felt very happy by styling people.
What do you think of Italian fashion scene?
This is actually my first visit but everyone mentions Italian fashion is the best. 
Tell me the philosophy behind your brand.
Regardless of genre, ‘anything that’s well made does work’ is brand’s philosophy. 
3 words to define your style
Long lasting outerwear
Which is your iconic item and why
Bastong is the brand specializing in outwears. I believe outwear takes a significant part in fashion as much as marathon does in Olympic. It’s difficult but symbolic item.