Grafik Plastic

Fashion / Design / Graphics At Pitti Uomo 84 the best known korean names
How and When did you approach fashion?
I cannot explain exactly when but I think it was when I started wearing clothes, glasses, choosing shoes, colors, and styling myself through trials and errors. 
I am sure everyone else experienced the same. My first career was doing fashion marketing and creating visuals. My career now is making glasses and sunglasses.  Everything is in gear with each other.
What do you think of Italian fashion scene?
There is no doubt that fashion market in Italy is the hottest and craziest place. The
place where the world’s fashion starts, it’s actually more than that. 
Tell me the philosophy behind your brand.
Styles can express through clothes, but I always think how they can express through 
face. Grafik Plastic’s philosophy is simple, Grafik on face. 
3 words to define your style
Grafik, Grafik, Grafik.
Which is your iconic item and why
Brand’s genetics are temple’s customization and bold frame. Bold frame was made to express dramatic and graphic touch on ordinary face. I questioned myself why glasses and sunglasses always look the same, then thought of item that allows replacing temples each time based on how I feel and want to style. That’s how Grafik Plastic was created.