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How and When did you approach fashion?
When I was a child, I was deeply impressed and inspired by old American movies and culture about western, motorcycle, mafia, sports, war movies and etc. 
Even after I started my social career as a business man, I couldn't stop the desire for making those old American styles on my own to show Korean people my inspirations and co-own those styles with.
So, I'd say my childhood inspirations had led me to finally approach fashion and I have been working in the fashion industry since 2009.
What do you think of Italian fashion scene?
Italy has always marked the top for its history, quality of the style, design, fabric and leather in fashion. 
From a numerous number of the bespoke tailors to the modern global designers, Italy has been - especially in men's apparel- always the top notch in the globe. 
Tell me the philosophy behind your brand.
An 'Irreplaceable Genuine Brand' that will still look remarkable after being kept in your closet for years. 

3 words to define your style
Timelessness, Authenticity, slowness
Which is your iconic item and why
The Tweed Patchwork Coat
Because The Tweed Patchwork Coat is made with genuine and oldest way of manufacturing. It's a true piece made with true mind. 
Connecting every piece of the tweed patch was such a long-time-taking process.
We collected the finest tweed fabrics, tested the durability, connectivity, fit and the overall design. It was an amazing experience.