Design Teaser: Alan Buanne’s bags

Fashion by Stefano Guerrini

He has a degree in Footwear and Accessory Design from Polimoda in Florence, despite his Australian origins. This was followed by important collaborations for Alan Buanne in the world of footwear with the duo Peter Pilotto, House Of Holland and Nicholas Kirkwood. Then came the decision to launch a brand with his name, with focus still on the world of accessories, but this time on bags, especially for men. And with Buanne the designer was a finalist at the 2016 edition of the prestigious "Who's On Next?" competition held during the last Pitti. The designer’s creations target a city man in search of accessories suitable for his many needs, always on the go from one project to another. The first collection is made up of 8 bags, 7 for every day of the week and an eighth for leisure time, which can be transformed from a backpack to a messenger bag and weekender. All the bags embrace style in a super-stylish black, and practicality, leather,teamed with techno rubber,and with highly important details, such as the presence of a micro-chip for tracing the bags in case of loss. And from our interview it seems clear that Alan Buanne still has a lot to offer us in the short-term!

How did you come to work in fashion and when did you decide to make career out of it?
I moved from Australia at a very young age, with my baggage of craftsmanship knowhow, learnt from my grandfather who made footwear. I wanted to learn from the best maestros. This is why I graduated from the Polimoda Institute in Florence and immediately started collaborating with the Nicholas Kirkwood brand in London where I stayed for four years.
How did the brand come about?
The BUANNE brand was created to meet the needs of the modern man, one of them being to take everything with him that he needs, such as iPad, mobile, documents, etc.
I remember that as a young boy, in order to carry my world with me I would choose the right bag for me from the most masculine looking women’s bags, because no brand was making men’s bags that were both spacious and stylish. The latter are precisely the characteristics we seek in our work.
Can you describe the brand’s style?
I like to call it Travel Lux. It is studied for the busy man with a frenetic life who needs comfort, but also quality and design. It is an innovative style, a hybrid of classic shapes and sporty elements, like the rubber sneaker sole used as the bottom of an elegant bag. Each bag has seven secrets just waiting to be discovered.
What are your inspirational worlds?
My inspiration came from observing the modern, no-frills geometry of the New York skyscrapers. I have also always been a great fan of Stanley Kubrick’s films; I love how they contrast natural and artificial.

The emotion of taking part in such an important competition and a memory linked to this edition?
The unexpected emotion that overwhelmed me during the Pitti inauguration ceremony at Palazzo Vecchio in Florence. It was only then that I realised the importance of the milestone I had reached.
How important do you think competitions like WION are??
I would say that competitions like WION are fundamental for allowing young designers to emerge, giving them the opportunity for direct dialogue with the representatives of excellence from the world of fashion. Furthermore, a close link forms between the participants, which enriches you from a personal point of view and allows profitable exchange of ideas.

Projects for the future?
We aim to keep the BUANNE brand in line with the changing times, and for this reason research in innovative techniques remains a priority. I will present the new collection in Paris in February 2017 and this will reveal what I am talking about better. I can’t say more; it will be a surprise.