Art Comes First... at Pitti Uomo 89!

Fashion / Photography / Performance By Stefano Guerrini

It is not the first time that Sam Lambert and Shaka Maidoh are at Pitti Immagine, both with their brand Art Comes First and in collaboration with other names, and each time it seems that the Florentine fair is the perfect place for the proposals, a tailoring with an absolutely contemporary twist, of the duo who have by now a large number of fans. And also at this edition of Pitti Sam and Shaka are eagerly awaited, because they are the protagonists of a Special Project which will take place on Jan. 14 at the Dogana of Via Valfonda. We went there on the eve of this new edition of Pitti to learn a bit more about the performance that will take place in Florence. Here's our interview with the designer duo. 

Can you tell us how did you start the new project that you will show at Pitti? Where do the inspirations for it come from?
It was inspired by the lost of my dad and of some creative friends we lost this year, so we wanted to honour them by doing this show to celebrate their lives.
Inspiration came from our dads, it’s about who fathers your thought process in style and life.
It’s that disciplinary approach to the craft, we took it back to the beginning of the love for the craft, pure tailoring with a quirky modern touch.
What are its main characteristics? How could we define its style?
It’s a full black collection, the symbol of the mourning dress code, but at the same time it’s that beat poetic meets hardbop style. Art Comes First punk tailoring at his core.
Can you give us some preview about the performance?
We can’t say much now,but you can google: Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, Yaneka,and Baloji.
How much important are the web and new media, like social networks, for your work?
We live in the digital days even though we are analog gents, the digital side of the things is very important for the simple matter of research, we are strongly inspired by every culture and it’s fun to be able to bump into different thing online while you are searching for something else.
We use social media in many ways but one of them is to archive our work and another is to announce it so it can inspire others, we stand for pushing art forward.
Can you give us your definition of elegance?
It means simplicity and grace. Basically the art of knowing yourself, as we said here in Art Comes First universe.
Which do you consider is the importance of a fair like Pitti? And what do you think are the strong elements of the fair in Florence?
Pitti is a very important platform for young designers like us, coz it gives you room to learn from the pioneers in the business, and exposing yourself in the professional manner.

There’s a great selection of important international buyers, media and brands mix from the very classic to a cutting edge.