Eleganza solare e di qualità per DOPPIAA

Fashion By Stefano Guerrini

Two families which have known and respected each other for years, one in the style and elegance field for generations and the other with an international feel and good taste in its blood. Two friends who grew up together and decided to create a brand that could effectively express their passion for style and elegance, for a fashion that has its roots not only in Italian know-how, but also in that tendency to dress well, with a cheerful, colourful way, and in top quality too, the hallmark of Italian style worldwide. Alain Fracassi and Albert Carreras created the brand DOPPIAA, which we encountered at the latest edition of Pitti, interviewing the two founders to learn something more about this fascinating project. 

How did the project begin and what are its aesthetic foundations?
The project Doppiaa springs from the story of two friends, born and raised in two families that have known each other for years, and who decide to create a brand that is a vector for passion, expertise and good taste for an informal, cheerful and colourful elegance.
Can you tell us about collection presented at Pitti?
The collection has a dual spirit, an informal side made of easy-to-wear coats and jackets in special fabrics, polo neck, round-neck or V-neck sweaters in soft Alpaca, Mohair and Donegal. Shirts in fine velvet, denim and Japanese indigo. And then a formal side with single and double-breasted jackets and the classic single-breasted coat for special occasions. Pants in washed wool and shirts in blue and white Oxford.
Where does your inspiration come from and what kind of man does the range cater for?
Doppiaa style does not slavishly follow fashion trends, it prefers to seek out men’s classics and memories and then experiment with the best of new fabrics and new materials. It caters for all generations of the family from granddad to grandson.
Your idea of male elegance?
Doppiaa elegance is for the whole family and all ages and for all occasions. It is marked by two cornerstones: 100% Italian workmanship and the search for top quality fabrics.
How important are fairs like Pitti, in your opinion?
They are basic showcases for introducing ourselves. At the moment Pitti is the one that can give what is mainly international visibility to brands like ours.
A memorable moment from this edition of the fair?
Definitely the presence of José Carreras, who took part in our event at the Opificio delle Pietre Dure, a testament to his passion for fashion, style and beauty in all of its forms of expression.
Projects for the future?

For the future we would like to have a strong presence in leading stores both in Italy as well as abroad and soon we’ll be opening our own flagship stores as a benchmark for unmistakable style.