Design Teaser: Suzanne Susceptible

Fashion / Design By Stefano Guerrini

Finalist in the prestigious “Who’s on next?” competition in July 2012, after a runway show at AltaRoma at the end of January, with her label Suzanne Susceptible the Korean Soo Jung Cha brought a breath of colour and brio also to Super, the new Fair held during the recent fashion week, a project by Pitti Immagine and Fiera Milano in collaboration with Milan City Council/Fashion Board. Art seems to be an inspirational starting point for this designer, always translated into a study of shapes, great attention paid to refined lines and processes, with patchwork standing out and clothes for wearing and living. The Suzanne Susceptible woman loves quality and not by chance are the fabrics in the collection Italian. We met the designer and asked her to tell us about her latest collections.


Can you briefly describe the s/s 2013 collection for us?

I would say that it is a hyper-feminine collection, one that borrows the colour kaleidoscope of Sonia Delaunay and gives it a totally modern makeover. A collection where I make great use of patchwork, this trademark element of my style that I have embraced since I was a little girl. It includes all the cornerstone elements of a summer collection, with shirts, dresses, skirts, shorts and lightweight outerwear - all given a cheerful twist. A collection for a woman who wants to have fun and amaze.
The collection must-have?
Difficult to choose one. A look more than a single garment. I would say the orange polka dot shirt in fil coupé with the green shorts. 
Just a few words to describe the f/w 2013-14?
A few months ago, as I started to design the f/w 13-14 collection, I suddenly remembered a painting by Chagall, “The green violinist”, which I had seen a few years before at the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. This collection is inspired by that picture. Generous, enveloping outerwear, cubist trousers, sweaters with decisive yet wearable shapes, the use of patchwork made from micro jacquard patterns. And it is a practically 0-km collection, conceived and produced in Milan using fabrics from the Como and Biella areas.
A special memory linked to Super?
Not one, but two. The moment when I walked into the still half-empty hall in the Palazzo delle Scintille with my collection. That amazing setting with people still working to complete set up. Designers’ collections arriving, squeezed into suitcases and trolley bags. And then when my nearest and dearest visited me on the stand, those who have followed this collection right from the start and have always made their warm presence felt.