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Giuseppe Damato, Content Manager of Fashion One (Sky), fashion editor at, CEO and founder of Velum ( and PR Manager for Senio Zapruder (

Your favourite artist? 

What fascinates me most is the concept of concreteness, the artwork on the canvas of reality with no frills or delicate shading. I love briefness and detest the superficial. From Fontana to the canvases of Robert Morris via Picasso. “Life swings like a pendulum backward and forward between boredom and pain, via a fleeting moment of pleasure", Schopenhauer used to say. There is nothing more real than human restlessness and those who know how to narrate it tautly deserve, in my opinion, a huge dose of attention.
Your favourite work of art? 
The sun, the mother star of the solar system, vitally important and worshipped by the oldest civilisations - I think this is the most beautiful natural work of art we have. My personal 'happy pill’. Because this is what you feel when you are surrounded by art, in my opinion: pleasure, wellbeing.
Your favourite designer?
From Maison Martin Margiela to Jil Sander, from Antonio Marras to Valentino. I don’t think I have one, I think I actually love the idea of it, the design path that each designer takes, the artisanship through which a concept becomes empirical, real and tangible.
Out of the young talents, Marco De Vincenzo, the COITE duo and Gabriele Colangelo. 
A moment linked to fashion that left its mark, struck or changed you?
October 1993 at my Aunt Rosaria’s wedding. I was just 5 years old and having fun, during the reception, playing hide and seek with the other little cousins. My favourite hiding place? The skirt on my aunt's dress. Not because I was a precocious little boy, but because those metres and metres of ivory-coloured organza gave me a huge sense of protection. It was there that I unconsciously understood what my job was to be.
Art and Fashion. What link do they have? What is the relationship between these two worlds?
Two different worlds, but with a unique common denominator: aesthetics, in the philosophical sense of the word. The awareness therefore of natural, artistic and scientific beauty. Two worlds with a strong identity, but which take on added value if they have a reason to co-exist, to contaminate each other. Two worlds that evoke imagination, fantasy, an emotion and therefore an opinion. Two worlds that generate different opinions, as a consequence fuelling the exchange of education between individuals, communication and word.