The new edition of Pitti Uomo: let’s hear from the web influencers

Fashion / Design / Graphics / Photography / Performance By Stefano Guerrini
There are just a few days to go until the 84th Pitti Immagine Uomo and, like for the previous editions, we decided to ask some of the people involved every season in working at the Florence event for their opinion. This time we chose some of the web influencers, journalists and fashion writers who work largely in the online world, who with immediacy and professionalism have always backed and supported Pitti. Here are the questions we put to them and their interesting responses.  
We are on the eve of the new edition of Pitti Immagine Uomo. What brings you here to Florence every season? What is the significance of Pitti in your opinion and what do you enjoy? What do you expect in particular from this edition?
Francesca Zaccagnini, fashion editor
I would never miss Pitti. Despite this, I’m not an expert in men’s fashion (Marie Claire is aimed at women), or maybe even because of this, I really enjoy wandering around the stands of the Fortress (Fortezza da Basso Exhibition Centre). Somehow, I see the show as a place where fashion acquires concreteness, but without losing quality. More than anything, I like the people: those I know, the personnel involved, and then the people I don’t know, but who walk around those stony paths. People put effort into the way they look, sometimes original, sometimes eccentric, but never overdone: at Pitti, there is elegance. There are gentlemen I would spend hours looking at, photographing. I also like the atmosphere: we are all there to work. No catwalks (I don’t mean shows, I mean the virtual ones that are outside the fashion shows), no siege of photographers. We work passionately, happily (perhaps Florence makes us its own, especially in June), waiting for the show to end to have a party in the evening. I like the search: when I go to Pitti I always and almost only go scouting. There is so much to discover, and often the people who create men’s collections also work with women, meaning the material that I collect is also perfect for Marie Claire. Not to mention Pitti W, which albeit being perhaps poor at the level of brands displayed – with some exceptions, it goes without saying – is rich in influences: first of all, the Guest Nation section which this year has Turkey as its special guest. And then there are the special events: the two performances/fashion shows for men and women, which have sometimes been memorable, like Carven at the velodrome last year... The research in this sense is impeccable; Pitti is an incubator of talents and for me, who, if I could I would just be a talent scout, it is the ideal place. At this edition, as always, I expect to meet someone I fall in love with (professionally speaking, I mean!). And maybe, as it has happened in the past, to be among the first to promote and encourage someone who will become a future success. What more could a journalist want?
Simona Melani, blogger
Pitti is a sort of magical place, an experience that catapults you to the centre of the world. The internationalism and chance to meet people coming from all over the world is definitely the most interesting aspect. Obviously, we can’t overlook the fashion in itself: what brings me to Florence every year is the opportunity to browse through the collections and creations, stopping to talk with the designers, collecting stories. This year, I expect all this, as always. And I hope that the Italian and foreign buyers put more faith in the upcoming youngsters, particular during a period like this one.
Andrea Vigneri, fashion editor and blogger of
Going to Pitti is primarily a duty, a ritual that you go through to celebrate male style that in no other event in the world reaches such a high level. Wandering round the Fortezza is like having a bath, immersed in the beauty of fashion that is generally on offer and that is worn by the event personnel, very different from the fashionistas who populate fashion week. I can only hope that “Wrom Pitti Wrom”, the theme of this edition, is a good omen for the young designers and brands present; besides, the peculiarity of Pitti is precisely that of being able to transform the love for a tradition of elegance and quality into a possibility for the future. Little extravagance but lots of originality, exactly what the contemporary man wants.
Federico Rocca, fashion editor
What brings me to Pitti every year? The desire to tell the readers of about the interesting, new and attractive things they will be able to wear in almost a year. But also the curiosity to see what “point” it has reached - if not fashion, clothing. Pitti is the most precise thermometer for measuring the temperature of the clothing industry. It is still a point of reference, still essential today. And it also manages to give Florence a precious international allure, even for a city that is already famous in any case throughout the world. I always wait with baited breath for the international guests, who manage to amaze with increasingly surprising events, season after season. I expect a lot from the budding genius of Damir Doma. Finally, from this edition, I expect at least one surprise that leaves me open-mouthed. All it takes is one thing to transform an interesting edition into a memorable edition!
Caterina Di Iorgi, style & fashion journalist
I think Pitti is still one of the not to be missed events in men’s fashion; it allows the press, buyers and bloggers to discover the brand innovations, from major international and national menswear classics, to the casual and street world, not to mention the young, upcoming brands that are selected at each edition. I am fascinated by the internationalism of Pitti, with so many foreign companies and buyers, by the location (the Fortezza) and by the events. From this edition, I expect, as always, innovation in the choices, creativity and an even more “socially oriented” Pitti in terms of communication.
Giuseppe Damato, digital consultant, CEO and Founder of Velum (, writer
Pitti is always a good reason to come back and immerse yourself in the beauty that the Tuscan capital has to offer: amidst the colours, smells, flavours and fashion. A strongpoint in the world, it organises some of the most important fashion events: international shows focusing on quality fabric/clothing, exhibitions, communication events and cultural initiatives and research relating to the fashion system and to fashion as an aesthetic expression and global evolution of taste. This is what brings me to Florence every season. What do I expect from this edition?! Great attention (as always) to new talents: the youngsters this year include my dear friend Paola Puro. What can I say? ... see you in Florence!