Design Teaser: Casamadre

Fashion / Graphics / Performance By Stefano Guerrini

Two creative young talents: David Parisi, a designer who has worked with some of the most important names in the world of fashion and design, and Alessia Crea, Calabria-born and winning stylist of the Next Generation competition run by the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana. Together, they have established an all-new "Made in Italy" brand that they have named with two of the most commonly used words in our vocabulary and which make for the perfect expression of the many values connected with our heritage: Casamadre. The name itself (created from a combination of Casa, meaning home and madre, meaning mother, translator's note) already gives rise to a strong sense of belonging, and it is by no coincidence that the pair's motto is "We Are Family". Having seen their footwear win, on equal standing with SuperDuper Hats, the last edition of the prestigious "Who's on next?" competition sponsored by L'Uomo Vogue, Altaroma and Pitti Immagine Uomo, we met up with them to hear a little about their proposals. 

How did you end up with Casamadre and why did you opt for accessories?
Casamadre was the result of a series of favourable events and meetings with some very special people. The Cameramoda Next Generation competition with the Alessia Crea line drove us to create something of our own. We chose accessories due to our shared passion and because we believe in the potential of footwear in general.

The must-have of the A/W 2013-14 collection?
Oxford shoes with laminated detail for men and the ankle boot with liberty trompe l'oeil heel for women.

Tell us about the S/S 2014 collection presented at Pitti?
The S/S collection is inspired by the Circus intended as a travelling family. "We Are Family" is our claim and we want to tell precisely about this group of people bound by a strong sense of belonging and a love for artistic expression, which entails great sacrifice and satisfaction, but which very few actually know. We presented footwear featuring structures with emphasised details, patches and colours recalling the stage make-up of the most iconic circus characters, the clowns.

What about your connection with Pitti? How important is this type of fair? And what is your best memory of participating in "Who's on next?"?
Pitti was the perfect place for us; a fair giving visibility to a young brand is essential and a place in which to meet those who really can make the difference in our line of work. A great opportunity.

The best memory?
When we were proclaimed winners of the competition - we were extremely happy indeed. Unforgettable!