Design Teaser: da Super Daizy Shely

Fashion By Stefano Guerrini

She took part in the second edition of Super, the Pitti Immagine and Fiera Milano project in collaboration with Milan City Council dedicated to women’s accessories and prêt-à-porter, held in September, standing out for a feminine original style, for garments that seem to come from an enchanted world, halfway between Japanese manga and the wardrobe of a Sanrio character. Unexpected volumes, pastels, surprising solutions and contrasting materials make Daizy Shely’s collection curious and interesting, full of ideas and suggestions. We meet this Israeli designer and ask her to tell us about her fashion and her experience at Super.


Can you briefly describe the s/s 2014 collection?

The collection is all about me and what I think of life and the world we live in.
My aim was to directly insert myself and my emotions into the line, by using prints and contrasting fabric combos. A contrast that features in the collection with the use of dissimilar materials, light fabrics with others that are strong and stiff, like for example synthetic organza and leather. Or with opposites in the prints where we have a little black girl, representing me, but at the same time any of us could be her, inserted into fairy tale, dreamlike contexts. What brings us back down to ground is precisely the colour used for this little girl, black, a colour that in the collection symbolises reality and concreteness. For s/s 14, the clothes illustrate the contrast between reality and dreams, between abstract and tangible, between imagination and real life.
The collection must-have?
I think the printed leather jacket, because it embraces all the concept of the collection. Let me explain. This jacket is in leather, a strong stiff material, symbol of safety and masculinity, contrasted strongly with its manufacture, which sees decoration with a pale, soft coloured print, recalling a "magical" reality that leads the "spectator" to imagine and create an inner sensation. I adore inserting profound concepts into my clothes, using contrast between their fabrics and the details applied to them, it is interesting for me to hear and see different reactions and opinions from people who see my creations.
How can we describe your style in general?
Describing the style of a person, like their character, is not a simple, easy thing, but I am lucky that this style exactly mirrors my personality. I always wear what I feel, my style talks about me, the inner me. I dress according to how I feel in the morning, the colours that I love and that best represent me are black and white, two opposite contrasting colours, just like my way of being.
Where do you get the inspiration for your work?
Inspiration for my collections comes from everything I come across, from experiences in my life, from something I see and notice as I walk around the city, from a person I find particularly striking, from nature – in other words, from the world around me. And each time something attracts my attention I feel a creative pulse inside me that won’t let me sleep at night. I start to think and can’t stop. Life is one my greatest joys and I make the most of it, taking inspiration from it every day. I insert all my thoughts and considerations into my garments so that I create clothes that tell a story.
A special memory linked to Super?
Super was an important experience for me. As a young new fashion designer it is really interesting to see how my creations are received by the public. Taking part in an event like this was very exciting because you get to see and feel people’s opinions personally and above all, it is a joy to know that the concept of the collection was understood. It is fabulous to know that my clothes convey and communicate a different concept for each person. This is because it is important for me to create clothes that tell a story and give a chance to imagine and create a personal idea of this story in your inner self. Showing the collection at Super was a bit like showing myself and I consider it to be a truly positive experience that will last with me forever.