Design Teaser: Ortys

Fashion / Design / Graphics / Photography By Stefano Guerrini

No stranger to women’s collections full of life and colours, featuring prints and accessories, his new project for 2014 is Ortys, officially presented at Pitti W, the Florentine fair’s space dedicated to women. Antonio Neroni offers a line far from a minimalist look, capable of expressing and combining a wide range of different creative ideas, with the help of his partner Federica Noce, who deals specifically with jewellery. Here is one of the  most talked about novelties to  feature at the recent edition of  Pitti, now set to take part in  the upcoming edition of Super in Milan.


Tell us about the main characteristics of this new project?

A great love for the 70s. ORTYS in fact springs from my passion for pattern and for fine Italian design from that decade, all paradoxically reworked with a touch of modernity. It’s a simple collection made up of just a few pieces, but with lots of all-over prints on the garments, enhanced with handmade bijoux to give them plenty of light.
Briefly describe the f/w collection.
The collection takes inspiration from the design of Achille Castiglioni and paintings by the Russian Suprematist Malevich. A rather delirious process, without any apparent common denominator, but on my mood board I was able to associate the various images by creating an Italian-Russian axis with flat, pure colours on harmonious forms that interlink. The result is a highly urban, vibrant allure that is never austere. 
What is the must have of the collection?
As far as the jewellery is concerned, definitely the MOSS necklace, with its resin disks in containing real moss painted with water-based colours. In the garments, it’s the reversible cape in doubled wool cloth with all-over printed crepe. 
What provides the inspiration for your work?
Everyday life, really.  I take lots of photos, I have an iphone that every fortnight begs me to cancel some photos or it will explode.  I follow the trends, I read lots of magazines, but I only analyse the macro markets areas and try to put my concept of fashion in line with public demands. It is basically work that is a lot less dreamy and much more “marketing”.
Do you have a special memory of Pitti W and what do you expect from Super?
I loved the atmosphere at Pitti W and I hope, and I’m sure, that it will be the same for Super. There’s an air of joy…while you’re at your stand, you see people passing by, all smiling and enthusiastic, which gives you a boost, making everything positive. More than anything it makes me think that Italy is a country you have to just adore!