Design Teaser: D.Gnak

Fashion / Design By Stefano Guerrini

D.Gnak was the men’s fashion surprise in Milan in January, at the event hosted by the National Chamber of Italian Fashion. The label belongs to the Korean Kang Dong Jun, a graduate from Parson’s School of Design in New York and the curious name is the designer’s own, but backwards, as if in a mirror, from Kang D. to D.Gnak. This brand’s style was described as “popular avant-garde”, highlighting the balanced mix of western tailoring and references to oriental culture, with clear urban sensitivity, where minimalism and attention to detail exist side by side, together with the quality of the articles. Down the runway he sent asymmetries, zips and top-stitching, overlapping fabrics, striped and checked jacquards.

We met the designer who, in addition to telling us about his s/s 2014 collection and the one for the upcoming winter, also revealed something more about his creative world.


Can you tell us something about the s/s 2014 collection?
This collection is inspired by the film “Men in Black” and is called “Among us”, in the sense that the aliens could already be here, you even or one of your dearest friends. The basic colour palette is obviously black and white, but we also played with different silhouettes and cuts to add a ‘fun’ side to the collection. All we wanted to do was present a collection with all the drama and of watching a film.


The collection must-have?
The best part of the s/s 2014 collection is that most of the garments can be seen or worn in different ways. As the must-have I would choose, for example, the coat, which can become a biker jacket or the blouson jacket that turns into tailored outerwear.


What is the inspiration behind the f/w 2014-15 collection? Can you tell us about it?
The line for the f/w 14-15 season was inspired by what I have called Optical Origami, using a palette of colours taken from works by Francis Bacon. Concentrating more on the visual aspect, we have used the folds and layers of origami to generate new silhouettes and details. Our main aim with this collection was to show a good number of different new looks.


Do you have a special feeling linked to your show in Milan? Do you have a special memory?
It was very exciting to be able to show my collection to such a huge market. It has always been my dream and an important goal to have a runway show with my creations in Milan I am simply really happy to have had the chance to see this dream come true.


Projects for the future?
Continuing to show the D.Gnak collection in Milan during fashion week and showing my clothes to other markets. Plus it is an important idea to make sure that D.Gnak continues to stand out amongst so many other brands and present our way of being and our colours to the world.