Design Teaser: from Super Maria Vittoria Paolillo of MVP

Fashion / Design By Stefano Guerrini


She has the world of gems in her DNA, as precious stones are her family’s core business and jewels are her job now too. Maria Vittoria Paolillo decided to create her very own brand after her studies in gemology and the many travels that inspire her creations. Called by its designer’s initials, MVP is a brand that blends tradition and research, artisan skills and contemporary aesthetics. 

The main player of the collection is silver, with each piece forged by Roman master goldsmiths who treat the material as if it were top-end jewellery. These elegant innovative articles include some curious objects that seem to 'capture' and wrap around the hand or the ear, accessories with attitude and young appeal. MVP was one of the brands we discovered at Super, the project by Pitti Immagine and Fiera Milano, in collaboration with Milan City Council. We met young Maria Vittoria Paolillo and asked her to tell us more about her career so far and the collection.    
How did you start out this adventure with your brand and why in the world of jewellery?
The world of jewellery has always been my world: I was born and grew up in a family that for four generations has worked in the sector of precious stones. This is the very reason I wanted to diversify my work, creating my very own brand of accessory jewels. The MVP brand, my initials, aims to stand for great quality in creation and design, with nothing improvised. 
What are the brand’s main features? And what is the symbolic object of your work?
The shape of the diamond somehow represents the recognisable symbol of my line, reflecting my traditions. 

Can you tell us about your F/W 2014-15 collection?
The new collection is born out of the power of the most precious stone: the diamond. The shapes of its cuts turn this stone into an abstract construction, reduced to the essence of geometric lines and given new aesthetic sense. I have reworked the classic shape of the diamond cut in precious metals and inserted it into geometric constructions to create unique innovative jewels. Straight lines and curves together to recreate volumes that hint at the shape of the diamond: the silver is worked, moulded and coloured to form contrasts in colour and sense.
The collection must-have? 
The collection must-have is the Chameleon that features in the bracelet, necklace and ring, its head made up of three of the more usual diamond cuts. As the diamond is a great miracle of nature, I imagined it no longer as a mineral, but as a being with its own life. To represent all this, I thought of the chameleon, the symbol par excellence of metamorphosis.
Where does the input for your work come from?
The oldest diamond was born with our world, the youngest is 800 million years old, after which the Earth became too old to produce diamonds. All this has always fascinated me and I wanted to turn this marvellous reality into a line featuring diamonds that was still within everyone’s reach. 
The importance of a fair like Super and a memory linked to your participation?
Super was without doubt an important moment for my start, I was able to showcase my collection. I found it all really exciting, but at the end of the fair I received loads of good feedback that repaid all my hard work.