Design teaser You (Your Own Universe)

Fashion / Design / Graphics By Stefano Guerrini
Alon Siman Tov and his partner Max Bosio are the heart and soul of You Footwear, finalists at the last “Who’s on next?”, held by Pitti Immagine in June.  Before discovering their F/W 2013-14 collection at the latest edition of Pitti, we meet them for some sneak previews.  From their words it is easy to understand why You Footwear shoes have become cult accessories for the most attentive fashionistas who love style and quality combined with esthetic research which, more than ever, is the result of a melting pot of inspiration that includes ethnic elements mixed with urban ideas.  After many years in the fashion system, Alon, who also teaches in a number of top fashion institutes, and Max, are reaping the benefits of their well-deserved success. 

Can you briefly describe your S/S 2013 collection.  
Alon: The S/S 13 collection is dedicated to Nomads.  Metropolitan Nomads, travelers.  Young, sophisticated, curious and open to new looks.  The collection contains some basic elements that continue to feature in YOU Footwear’s DNA – well-balanced materials and combinations, recycled materials, a mixture of cultures, craft processes, comfort, freedom.  Our collection is also inspired by Japanese Indigo fabrics, Navajo mats and recycled military Camo fabrics. All the materials found in the three basic models: a reversible summer version of the Boot You, running shoes and revamped boat shoes.
What are the must-have items in the collection?
Alon: The S/S 2013 collection must-haves are the revamped boat shoe with Vibram ecostep recycled rubber sole and recycled Eva sole mixed with cork powder, in a Japanese Indigo fabric version, recycled together.  The Run model, inspired by a 70s shoe with a Vibram ecostep recycled rubber sole and Eva sole mixed with cork powder in a natural linen Camo fabric version, and a version with a Kilim Navajo patterned fabric.
Max: Definitely the Native running shoes and the Sail model with denim and indigo dyed Japanese fabrics.
In one word, what will the F/W 2013-14 season be like?
Max: Unpredictable.
Alon: The F/W 2013-14 collection is called " Zoomorph”.  It is inspired by a blend of Man and Animal.  From popular Sardinian pagan rites to Bedouin desert culture.
Any special memories linked to Pitti?
Max: The first edition we took part in, the one when everything began.
Alon: The You Footwear presentation at the final of the “Who is on next?” competition at Pitti.  It was an official way to present our project.  The compliments and appreciation received after so many years of hard work on the fashion scene, and the feeling that we were doing the right thing.