Design Teaser: Carla Perretti

Fashion / Design By Stefano Guerrini

A past as a stylist with international publications, then in 2001 Carla Perretti began to devote herself to her true passion: the creation of jewelry, with the aim of creating timeless pieces that can be enjoyed by those who buy them for many seasons and are not only for a passing trend. Her creativity is shaped by a rich and cosmopolitan culture, which feeds on the love of fashion, travel, inspired by icons such as Bianca Jagger, Talitha Getty, Ursula Andress. Since her debut many of her pieces have been available in important stores in Italy and around the world, and featured on the pages of the most influential fashion magazines. The path of the designer has always been tied to the fairs organized by Pitti and she was present for the  spring / summer 2015 collection at Super, the Pitti Immagine project  and the Milan trade fair, in collaboration with the Municipality of Milan - Department of Employment Policy, Research and University, Fashion and Design, dedicated to accessories and ready-to-wear.  We met Carla Perretti to learn more about her work.


How did you achieve a line of your own?

It was actually quite by accident, but I've always wanted to create something that I felt was mine.
What are the features that distinguish your creations?
I believe that the feature is the constant presence of many colors in my work and the mix of materials.
The main desire that every artist has is that their work is recognized. They tell me that my creations are recognizable which is by far the greatest compliment.
The most satisfying moments related to your business so far?
When I see people that I don’t know on the street who are wearing my jewelry.
Tell us about the collection for spring / summer 2015
It is a collection in which I concentrated on the themes dear to me, such as the presence of shapes inspired by the animal world. The use and combination of materials of various origins. The presence of original vintage elements. As always a lot of color.
Where does the inspirational input, such as icons of reference come from and who do you think of when you create?
I try to take inspiration from everything that surrounds me. Definitely travel, cinema, fashion images, particularly of the past, are among my greatest sources of inspiration.
Your ideal customer?
Any woman that wears my jewelry with pleasure and personality.
How important are fairs such as Super to you?
They are very important because they are both an excellent showcase, both because they give you the opportunity to personally meet with clients and professionals, as well as have a look at the trends.