20 Nov 2014

Design Teaser: Maki Sunglasses

Fashion / Design By Stefano Guerrini

The Maki Sunglasses brand was born in Brescia, in 2012, from an idea by three young people, twenty-seven-year-old Alessandro Roda, and Mauro Inserrato and Jonathan Facchi, both 26 years old. The incentive comes from the desire to create something new, something different, starting with a shared passion for glasses. The result was a collection made entirely in Italy, from the frames to the whole packaging, now available in prestigious sales outlets, in Italy, such as Excelsior in Milan, Rome and Verona and Folli Follie, also in Verona, whereas abroad the collection can be found in cities like Ibiza, Formentera and Valencia. Maki’s three founders have clear ideas, and their glasses, which are characterised by quality and resistance, as well as attention to the originality of their proposals, have become a real must-have in a very short time, also thanks to the brand’s presence first at Pitti and then at Super. We caught up with Alessandro, Mauro and Jonathan, at the last edition of Super, to tell us more about their project.


How did you come up with the idea for your range?

We desperately wanted to do something new and one evening, after a party, we realised that sunglasses were the perfect product, to put ourselves to the test. We convey our philosophy, believing in our capabilities and personal experience, confident of finding people with the same passion for new ideas.

Distinguishing features of your creations?
Attention to detail and sophisticated shapes and materials, with the Made in Italy appeal.
The most rewarding moments of your job so far?
Discovering that so many people love our ideas and our creations. The product is also widely shared on the social channels and magazines seem extremely enthusiastic, too.
Can you tell us about your spring/summer 2015 collection?
The collection focuses on colour and combinations with mirrored lenses in an attempt to unleash the imagination and satisfy everyone’s tastes.
Where does inspiration come from, what are your reference icons and who do you think of when creating?
Inspiration can come from various fields: cars, extreme sports, luxury, lifestyles, for this model, in particular, the idea comes from lemurs’ eyes; it is no coincidence that in Creole Maki means Lemur. Inspiration also comes from the world of exploring snowy peaks to icons from the past, such as James Dean in his Porsche, and inevitably ends up being contaminated by the possibilities offered by the new materials and production techniques.
Your ideal customers?
People who are not afraid to take risks and people who prefer to be followed rather than follow.
How important to you are fairs like Super?
They represent the main instrument for communicating our philosophy to the world of fashion, meeting customers and people in the sector, but they are also useful for measuring ourselves with the other exhibitors regarding the market trend and new products, possibly providing us with the opportunity to establish advantageous ties.