Design Teaser: Alberto Premi, from Pitti Italics to Mini

Fashion / Design By Stefano Guerrini

He won the men's edition of the prestigious "Who's on next?" contest last June, becoming with his shoes one of fashion addicted’s most loved names. Alberto Premi was again a protagonist at the 87th edition of Pitti Immagine, he was in fact one of the Pitti Italics, the special events of the important Florentine fair. Premi welcomed the press in a movie theatre and on stage a show in which light and movement were the main protagonists, as well as the perfect backdrop for the presentation of a collection of shoes that can light up in the dark. The great research behind Alberto Premi’s work also conquered Mini, sponsor of Pitti Italics, who has decided to pursue a collaboration with the young, Alberto is slightly more than twenty years old, designer from Brescia. We met him just after the event for a quick chat.


Your name has been linked to that of Mini. Can you tell us about this news?

This collaboration is a great honour for me; we have yet to define all the details and so I’ll be visiting the parent company in Munich in the next few days. I am really happy about the opportunity they have given me and excited at the thought of working with Anders Warming, head of Mini Design.
How did the idea come about for the presentation at the last Pitti?
Given that I am an emerging designer, I wanted to propose my product with a spectacular presentation, like nothing seen before at Pitti, combining fashion, art, theatre and technology. We staged the story of the act of creation in a Florentine cinema, from the origin of an idea to production of the article, told through a show of light, colours, shapes and technology, with dancers on stage representing not only the evolutionary phases of conception and creation of a project, but also that idea of movement that is the inspirational input for the collection.
Can you tell us about the collection you presented?
For this collection I was inspired by the phenomenon of the metamorphosis of light, creating ad hoc materials for my footwear that would best illustrate this process: captured by the fibres in the fabric, releases the light in the dark, generating original luminescent effects.
What was the most exciting moment at this Pitti?
The moment I found most moving was when I came out on stage, at the end of the presentation. It was a new experience for me. My objective was to excite and convey the concept of my product to those present. I received lots of compliments, so I think I achieved my goal!
A life-long dream, a new project you would like to share with us?
I definitely want to see my brand expand; but one day I would really like to be appointed as the artistic director of some established brand in the sector.