Design Teaser: Via Rosmini 13

Fashion / Design By Stefano Guerrini

The ability to play with fabrics and match them with skill, is a striking feature of the collection Via Rosmini 13, one of the brands exhibiting at Super from February 28 to March 2. The brand was born from the creative mind of designer Eleonora Bernardi, which for next winter offers a total look very rich and with many options, suitable to the many facets of a contemporary woman who has a very busy life. For this next to tweed and flannel pieces of clothing there is also the cool and rock touch of eco-leather, a must for Via Rosmini 13. We reached the designer on the eve of this new edition of Super, to learn more about the brand and its proposals.


How did you get into fashion and how was the brand created?

I got into fashion and creating my own brand through my family, which has always worked (and still works) in the sector of yarns and fabrics. Ever since I was little, I have been involved in my family’s business, gradually cultivating the need to understand the fascinating world of fabrics and clothes, so I spent three years in the style office and sample production, two in Italian sales and five years creating and developing foreign sales in my uncle’s fabrics company, Myway international. In the end, I decided to take a chance on myself and my need to discover new realities and things and embark upon this activity, creating my own brand Via Rosmini 13, defying the market uncertainty and current historical period, which didn’t hold me back. I am determined to succeed and cut out a niche of my own in the fashion business with my own brand; there are numerous difficulties and I have to give my best every day and listen to all of the advice and make important decisions. 
Why did you choose the name Via Rosmini 13?
The choice of the logo is not purely fortuitous: Via Rosmini 13 is the street in Prato, the town where I was born and where I still live today, where it all began. I was born there, but in the past, all of my family – starting from my grandmother and my dear Aunt Dida – worked in the sewing, embroidery and fabric business. So what better name than the place that enabled me to become what I am today?
Which inspirational input lie behind it and what kind of woman is it aimed at?
When I was creating the 2015-16 collection, I was inspired by the everyday lives of today’s women, creating clothes that lie outside the dictates of style or status, to fulfil a woman’s every dream, to allow everyone to express their personality and dictate their own style. I’d say it’s a collection for women like myself and for all those busy women who want to experiment and look good.
Where does your inspiration generally come from and what other passions do you have besides fashion?
My inspiration generally comes from how I’m feeling when I’m creating the collection, from the colours and fabrics I find and choose for my clothes, from a trip with the people I love, I’d say from everything that surrounds me, but above all from my love of fashion, fabrics and creativity. Apart from fashion, my other passions include art and design – especially interior design because I love decorating my house –, sport, animals, especially cats, my two children of course and, being from Tuscany, good food and good wine.
Why did you choose a fair like Super?
Because it’s an idea developed by the Pitti group, which I consider to be very important and which is an institution in Tuscany, and Tuscan like myself... And also because I think the new trends and emerging brands are extremely varied and interesting in terms of quality and creativity.
Do you have a particular memory related to the last edition?
My greatest memory is how I felt! It was my first fair and my first collection! So the excitement of organizing everything, including my anxieties, was incredible, but most of all, I felt so happy seeing my dream come true and receiving positive feedback from the customers thanks to the fair, as well as having my family members there with me. It was amazing!