Design Teaser: from last SUPER G-Sevenstars glasses

Fashion / Design / Photography By Stefano Guerrini
From last edition of Super a special interview with G-Sevenstars

Born in 2012, presented during Milan Fashion week in June of that year, in a few seasons the G-Sevenstars glasses not only have conquered some of the most important Italian and international optical and fashion stores, but they have become one of the most loved accessories among the fashion addicted crowd, thanks to the ability to combine the quality of made in Italy and of the traditional optical dna, with some very cool ideas and collaborations, as well as a precise research on materials. And the heritage link is well explained by Ylenia Puglia, owner of the brand with his brother Gabriel, who also takes care of the more creative side and the design of the glasses, in this interview that we did during the last edition of Super, the fair conceived by Pitti Immagine and Fiera Milano dedicated to accessories and female ready-to-wear, to which the brand took part. 

Could you talk us through the new collection you presented at the Super exhibition?
We brought our new Gaetano model (inspired by our grandfather) to Super, featuring a chassis with pastel colours, created with horizontal sheets glued on and left purposely rough to give them a more interesting and rough feel, reflecting Gaetano Giannetto’s personality. 
Candy colours for the Sun, Jupiter, Stromboli and Marettimo models: the horizontal mix on the chassis between a black sheet and one with colours giving a candy-like effect.
Then the Havana red on the Jupiter, Sun, Mercury and Moonshine models, a sheet made in a mixture of green, gold and blue, with a very dominant red.
Finally, some new prints in collaboration with Warner Bros., based on our bestselling Marettimo and Stromboli models. We used some cartoon textures showing Batman vs Joker (Batman Action Hero) really adding a fun element to these two models.
How challenging is it to be creative in the optics sector and what do you think makes your brand stand out compared to the many others in the sector?
I think that in the eyewear sector customers look for high quality as well as creativity. Beyond our creativity, we have understood that our customers are committed to our product because of its quality.
Just think that, since 2012, despite our almost global distribution, we have only had one of our items returned, and it wasn’t even due to a defect in the product itself!
This is something that we are extremely proud of.
Where does your inspiration come from?
Our inspiration comes directly from our archives, while we mix other feelings and ideas together.
Our grandfather was an optician and we grew up in his shop full of all types of glasses. He was already producing glasses for his small shop in Sicily. He would explain everything to us and we took note. Many of the glasses that we propose are objects taken from his collections, which obviously have huge value for us as they represent a piece of our childhood and our life.
So thanks to Grandpa Gaetano.
How important do you think exhibitions like Super are and why did you choose this one in particular?
It was our first time and I have to say it was a positive experience. We definitely already have a place in the world of eyewear, but the positive feedback we also received from the world of fashion stores was brilliant for our team, who work tirelessly.
A special memory of this latest edition that you will take home with you?
A memory of Super? Having met loads of people, creative people, many people with whom to start some new professional adventures. Lots of new collaborations on the horizon!