Design Teaser: Vittorio Branchizio

Fashion / Design By Stefano Guerrini

Knitwear has conquered the last male edition of "Who is on next?". On the occasion of Pitti Uomo 88, the international panel of the contest determined the winner of this important competition: a brand in which a product with a clear DNA based on quality and research meets art, clearly mixing inputs from different words and conveing a vision on fashion both contemporary and culturally high. Vittorio Branchizio - from Brescia, Italy, born in 1984 - founded the namesake brand of men's knitwear in 2013, using the acquired know-how in the fashion industry - since he was 21, he has worked for the female line D-Exterior, of which he is now co-designer. We met him on the occasion of Pitti Uomo to know more about his journey so far. 

How did you get into fashion and when did you decide that that was what you wanted to do?
It started as a game, really, when I was 15 - altering my clothes and those of my sisters. It turned into passion when I was studying at the Institute of Industrial Fashion in Brescia. I then joined the style department of the women's knitwear brand, d.exterior, where I have now been working for 10 years. A series of events brought me to where I am now.
How was the brand formed?
For a while, I'd felt the need to produce something that was mine. My own personal style was already forming, I simply had to start.
How would you describe the brand's style?
There are two vital components: the technical part, high quality knitwork, and a creative component for which I work directly with artists. Many garments are worked in post-production, one of a kind hand-painted pieces or reproductions of works by contemporary artists with an often conceptual and poetic result.
What inspires you?
Certainly the world of visual arts. Particularly in this collection, I have collaborated with three artists, the painter Pascal Pillard, the origami artist Uros Mihic and artist Sergio Perrero. I am constantly on the lookout for inspiration from the world of art and I try to reproduce shapes, concepts and emotions in the pieces I create, using innovative working techniques.

How does it feel to take part in such an important competition? And what memories will you take with you from this edition?
Presenting my collection to this jury was a bit nerve-wracking, and when they announced the winner it was incredible! A satisfaction that makes up for all the hard work.
How important do you think competitions such as WION are?
Very important, they're vital. They are a chance for growth and success. But they are also a chance for the world of fashion, an invitation to stay young and fresh; a chance to assimilate the new creativity brought by young talents.
Your future projects?

To grow even more, and continue on our path with determination.