Fashion and art: la parola agli insider della moda!

Fashion / Music / Design / Graphics By Stefano Guerrini
Fashion and art: over to the fashion insiders!
How art and fashion intertwine, as explained by fashion professionals, revealing where these two worlds collide, what inspires fashion people and what aesthetics excite the private lives of those in the sector.

Rebecca Baglini
Junior Fashion Editor Sportswear International
Your favourite artist? 
From De Chirico to Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, from the music of Nina Simone to the disturbing photos of Francesca Woodman, via the collages of Francesco Vezzoli. I am attracted by incoherence, by the bipolarity that co-exists in one being.

Favourite work of art? 
Difficult to choose just one, I am Tuscan, Pietrasanta by birth and Florentine by choice. Even if I live in Milan, Florence is a living work of art, you can breathe it in every corner. Having to choose just one, I would say “The Arnolfini Portrait”.  This Flemish painting is a story told in a picture.  It has its own vocabulary, thousands of symbols, meanings, mirrors in which you can spot Van Eyck, clogs abandoned in a corner of the picture, open windows, the dog as a symbol of loyalty, just one lit candle, shades of purple in contrast with the green and everything is charged with an allegory that conveys passion, enveloping you in the story of this world.
Your favourite designer?
I don’t think I have one, I think I love many of the kinds women they represent. Fans of the history of costume cannot ignore the past, with big names including Balenciaga and Yves Saint Laurent, but also a character like Biba and, more recently, like Tom Ford. Youngsters include Holly Fulton, Vika Gazinskaya and Bianca Maria Gervasio and I am mad about Umit Benan.
A moment linked to fashion that left its mark, struck or changed you?
My love for fashion comes from the theatre, opera, thanks to my Grandma Lea, an opera singer. I used to go with her to the seamstress; I would look at the clothes, listen to the rehearsals, imagine the story and then I studied it.  La Traviata, La Tosca, Turandot, La Bohème, wretched love stories and pain – all highlighted by the costumes and make-up. That was when I realised that what I wanted to do in life was stage a wonderful opera of my own. Fashion is how you present yourself and what you represent, playing with the essential, joking, evasion and choosing who you want to be; it is a chance to change and enjoy our feelings to the max.

Art and Fashion What link do they have? What is the relationship between these two worlds?
Harmonic coherence. Art is the proof of the passage of man on this Earth, whether it be the interior evocation of the artist or a simple landscape; it narrates through an image. Fashion creates an image, expresses a way of being and defines all the details. Suffice to think of Mondrian and Yves Saint Laurent, Warhol and his Pop Art, the scrambled fantasies of Picasso cubism. Fantasies we use as decoration still today. Art and fashion are linked by a binding partnership, at times incoherent and unbalanced, in the name of an extreme pursuit for beauty that changes each time. Art breaks fashion down and puts it back together, dictating new precepts of beauty. Today however, I don’t feel like raising what is actually fashion to an artistic leve . Whereas yesterday, art and fashion were often daughters of the same mother.