Design Teaser Studiopretzel

Fashion / Design / Graphics By Stefano Guerrini
Emiliano Laszlo showcased his brand Studiopretzel at Pitti Immagine Uomo for the first time last June. A few weeks ago, on his second appearance at the fair, he chose an interesting Alternative Set to present his articles for a/w 2013-14, with several male figures wearing the brand’s garments in an atmosphere and with gestures that could almost be described as modern Samurai. "You who know" by Mozart was played as the musical accompaniment by the pianist duo Mad Emoiselle Sarabande, helping to highlight the intensity and profound emotional involvement of this event, proof of the considerable impact that the Alternative Sets achieve. We talked to Emiliano to find out what’s new.  
Can you briefly describe the s/s 2013 collection for us?
The s/s 2013 collection is, as usual, strongly inspired by Japan. We find a 'lightweight' man, perfectly at ease in shirt with covered buttons and Bermuda shorts with darts. The ‘Eastern Wind’ in the title stands precisely for this: a desire for light-heartedness, but also for great change.
The collection must-have?
Must-have for summer 2013 are the Jiu-Jitsu kimono-pants and the long shirt with drawstring, both in the finest soft cotton in shades of pale grey, blue and light blue. While the must-haves for the next a/w collection are the kimono in waterproof wool and the work shirt in a cashmere blend.
Just a few words to describe the a/w 2013-14?
The 2013-14 winter collection will be sober, but with exceptional wearability. Nothing will be as it appears. The warmest double-breasted jackets, woollen judo belts for fastening soft sashes, tunic/shirts in denim to protect from the elements. The man I wanted to describe (also in the title of the collection, ‘Full Armor’) is a modern Samurai who no longer goes to war, but makes the most of tradition to transform his personal style.
A special memory linked to Pitti?
My most vivid, happiest memory of Pitti is linked to the last edition of this fair, which has just finished and in particular to the incredible Alternative Set with the new collection in the leading role! Together, Mozart and ancient Japan created a magical atmosphere!