Design Teaser: Camo

Fashion / Music / Design / Graphics By Stefano Guerrini
Finalist in the menswear edition of ‘Who’s on next?’ in June 2010 with his brand Camo, the abbreviation of Camouflage, created in 2007, Stefano Ughetti is today a regular at Pitti immagine Uomo. Again for this latest edition, Camo starred in an unusual fun Alternative Set, the totally not-serious prize-giving ceremony of a car race, in almost "Wacky Races" style, considering that the new collection is inspired by the Rally Lana Storico (Historic Wool Rally) in Biella. Centre stage were clothes in a reworked classic style, with plenty of attention to quality and fit, because garments must never, according to this designer’s philosophy, outshine the wearer. Here is our chat with Stefano Ughetti.
Can you briefly describe the s/s 2013 collection for us?
A bar is somewhere that encloses a world with rules all its own. The characters are either occasional visitors or regulars, each one with his or her own role and story. A real family out of time. The Camo s/s Bar Collection  celebrates typically Italian attitudes, behaviour and gestures. The colour palette goes from orange-beige to blue-greens. The sport is boules, the favourite drink, a soda.
The collection must-have? 
The collection must-have is the techno fibre cloak. The perfect mix between a sporty garment and a more elegant one, which works equally well as evening wear or for a bike ride.

Just a few words to describe the a/w 2013-14? 
The buzzwords will be instinct and imagination. Inventing new looks by mixing and matching the articles, dressing in an original non-conventional way. After all, the bottom line in winter is to be comfortable and warm.

A special memory linked to Pitti?
My special memory linked to Pitti is without doubt the first Alternative Set, organised in the form of guerrilla marketing and not yet authorised by the show itself. It was the Camo River Collection for s/s 2012 and the event was a picnic and I didn’t know if I was going to be in trouble with the organisers or if it was a good idea. Luckily it all worked out ok!