Casamadre. Who is on Next? 2013

Fashion / Design / Graphics / Photography / Performance By Federico Poletti
Your background
DAVID: I started from industrial design. For me the approach with the product is poetic and there is no distinctions for fashion and industrial design, it’s the same method for all.
ALESSIA: I studied fashion design and in parallel with studies I follow a personal project with my brand.
How did you start working with fashion? 
For passion. It’s something that you own and that occurs at any time of life
What is elegance for you?
DAVID: the true elegance is to be oneself and express one's being and not just look at the appearance of the dress.
ALESSIA: Decontraction, a dress that enhances a woman and not the opposite.
Other experiences in fashion?
We're both designers.
ALESSIA: I worked at Costume National, as well as consultant for different companies. I won the contest "NEXT GENERATION"
DAVID: From Karla Otto communication agency in Italy to Italian independent, besides my work as a consultant.
Additional projects 
We are experimenting the world of the image in cinema, hoping to put together and give shape to a project very soon.
Your working and creative methods
It starts by identifying the new scenario of the collection, the new mood, guidelines. Afterwords we approach the product and we come back to the choice of materials, and after having a clear framework we start working on all the products.
Is there an icon you would like to dress? And what clothes would you choose?
For the man Vincent Gallo. We already dressed in the movie "The Legend of Kasper Hauser" and we would like to repeat the experience. For women: Sofia Coppola and his characters.
What does Who is on Next? represent for your career?
A great gratification, but it is absolutely a starting point, indeed the "right starting point"
What do you expect from taking part in the finals ?
The right visibility, but also a comparison with people who believed in us
Describe Florence in three words
Historic, conservative, dynamic
Describe your style in three words 
Contemporary Intellectual