Giorgio Chiussi. Who is on Next? 2013

Fashion / Design / Graphics / Photography / Performance By Federico Poletti

 Your background

"I started early, actually, working as a shop boy. My parents managed a boutique in the centre of Udine and since I was very young I would go with them on their trips looking for garments and accessories for their store. Then I thought we could propose clothes designed by me, so in 2011 I created my first ready-to-wear collection."
How did you end up in fashion?
"Probably it’s a matter of DNA… I was born into a family of historic tailors that were already active back in the 19th century. Among our best-known clients was also Gabriele d’Annunzio, a master in the art of dressing: his style and elegance are still today an inspiration for my collections."
What is elegance for you?
"It is not simply an expression of beauty. It is rather an attitude, a feeling, what we convey about ourselves. As Georges-Luis Leclerc de Buffon used to say “The style is the man himself”."
Other experiences in fashion?
"A few important collaborations with other designers and especially a short yet exciting stint in womenswear: that was when our atelier realized a capsule collection for Spring/Summer 2012 for Fausto Puglisi."
Any alternative projects? If so, what are they?
"Horse-whispering… Jokes aside, I am truly passionate about these wonderful animals and sometimes I thought I wouldn’t mind devoting all my time to them."
Your working method and creative process
"Being curious all the time, about everything. I like to observe what surrounds me also when it hasn’t much to do with fashion, and I love to revisit what already exists. A book, a film are a great source of inspiration because they make you dream and travel, although with your imagination only. And while I was watching a movie the other day I thought how the Fall Winter 2014-15 collection could be."
Is there an icon you would like to dress? And how?
"We all have a secret dream. And mine is definitely that of dressing Johnny Depp with a Chiussi suit; in the meantime I have had the honor and pleasure to dress a few very interesting names in arts and the show business: Giorgio Albertazzi, Toni Servillo, Alessandro Tersigni, Stefano Masciolini, Giordano Bruno Guerri."
What does Who is on Next? represent for your career?
"A true leap. I live this moment with fear, impatience and excitement at the same time, aware of the fact it may be a unique opportunity to promote Chiussi not only in Italy but also abroad."
What do you expect from participating in the finals?
"What one could expect when a dream comes true."
Describe Florence in three words
"Fantastic, glamorous, unique."
And now describe your style in three words
"Eclectic, dandy, refined."