Talenti da riga:Mareunrol's


A project that embraces different forms of creative expression: MAREUNROL'S is a project created in 2005 by two designers Marite Mastina-Peterkopa and Rolands Peterkopsche, who officially launched the brand in 2012 in Riga, Latvia. Their designs are not restricted to fashion, but cover different art fields: sets and fashion installations, short films and costumes for operas and theatre.

The 24th Festival of fashion and photography in Hyeresha saw MAREUNROL’S clinch the two main awards of the evening, the L'Oreal Grand Prix and the 123 award. The fashion duo with the unpronounceable name then took part in fashion and art events such as the Prague Quadrennial, the Arnhem Biennial, BARCELONA 080, ITS International Talent Support and many others. In the field of theatre, MAREUNROL 'S has created the costumes for the opera ”EugeneOnegin” for the National Opera of Latvia and for the Mikhailovsky Theatre in Saint Petersburg. Their costumes were purchased by the Latvian National Museum of Art for its archive collection and were chosen for the group exhibition "Arrrgh ! Monsters in Fashion", which toured different museums worldwide. We will be seeing their work again in the Latvia pavilion for the Milan EXPO in 2015. Theirs is an intricate kind of experimentation that is translated into garments with deconstructed forms, marked by a dark colour palette. A language that reflects the constant interplay between different artistic expressions and media.