Matteo Molinari. Who is on Next? 2013

By Federico Poletti
How did you start working with fashion? 
After graduating in communication and with a degree in semiotics and philosophy of language, almost by chance, I found myself working in an fashion group that created products for Italian and international brands. Slowly I gained experience in the design field and I decided at the end of my contract, to move to London where after two years of hard work, I obtained my Masters in Fashion Design and Technology at the prestigious London College of Fashion.
What is elegance for you?
For me, elegance is mainly the measure: measurement in choosing only what makes the most of our personality, becoming expression of high quality and manufacturing culture.
Other experiences in fashion?
In addition to my business as a menswear designer, I’m a PhD graduate at the London College of Fashion University and I am part of the hub of researchers in Fashion and Textile of Central Saint Martins, Chelsea College of Art and London College of Fashion.
Additional projects 
My Ph.D. at the stroke of my 30 years (by 2014) and to expand my line with collaborations and capsule project.
Your working and creative methods
Everything starts from traditional techniques such as crochet, drawn thread to hand-knits. From my research and collaboration with the people who practice these techniques are born the ideas that are then developed within my atelier. I have been trained as a menswear tailor and I realize the base / pattern of each item and I follow the fitting. When I’m satisfied with the result the work is divided among my artisans who make the panels / elements handmade and the final garment which is assembled by a company with I work with. In this way very different skills and two worlds in some ways far (aritigiano / traditional manufacturing / industrial) are summarized in garments with a strong personality. It’s a mixture of tradition and modern technology.
Is there an icon you would like to dress? And what clothes would you choose?
I would dress Bryan Ferry with a tailored jacket, fluid wide trousers and a white shirt in frescolana.
What does Who is on Next? represent for your career?
Who is on Next? represents a milestone in my career, recognition of the value of my research and a unique opportunity to project myself towards a personal and professional growth.
What do you expect from taking part in the finals ?
A great chance for discussion and feedback about my business ideas.
Describe Florence in three words
Humanism, beauty, symmetry.
Describe your style in three words 
Contemporary, androgynous, quirky.