Christian Pellizzari. Who is on Next? 2013

Fashion / Design / Graphics By Federico Poletti
Your background
"I studied at Polimoda in Florence. Plus I had various experiences, from the small London atelier to brands like Tonello, Vionnet, Jay Ahr Paris."
How did you start working in fashion? 
"I have always wanted to do this."
What is elegance for you?
"Surely not a garment or an accessory. It is like one's personality. Elegance for me is a way of wearing things, an attitude, the way one walks and behaves."
Other experience in fashion?
"I had a lot, like in a small atelier in London creating top-quality products. Later on with Tonello, both for men and women, and then in Paris, I spent a year at Vionnet before the label became Italian. Finally at Jay Ahr, where I truly understood all the phases and stages of this job."

Alternative projects 
"I presented my womenswear collection with my own brand in March. At the same time I also work as a consultant for other fashion labels. I have also personally handled the refurbishment of the new home/atelier in Milan, a unique experience that opened up new horizons."
Your working method and creative process
"My mind is an endless labyrinth, I work continuously inside my head...Everyone and everything inspires me. Then I stop, and design everything on an impulse, at the last minute."
Is there an icon you would like you dress? And how?
"Pharrell Williams; I would make him wear my bomber jackets and sweatshirts. Some of my custom-made tuxedos would look great on him."
What does Who is On Next? represent for your career?
"A transition, a confirmation, an opportunity."
What do you expect from taking part in the finals? 
"Showcasing my work to the press and to new buyers. Being one of the finalists is already a great opportunity."
Describe Florence in three words
"Florence has been an important place for me. I studied at Polimoda. I lived lighthearted years developing my artistic and professional know-how."
Describe your style in three words
"Shaked-up, ironic, contemporary."