Andrea Cammarosano: the launch of the A/W 2014 collection

Fashion / Design / Graphics By Federico Poletti
"A man who lives halfway between reality and dream," this is Rudolph Nureyev, character of The Firebird by Stravinsky, icon and personality from whom Andrea Cammarosano took inspiration for his latest collection.
"Everything is born in San Francisco collaborating on a dance project inspired to Nureyev-says Andrea. Here I had the opportunity to see the type of clothing used during the rehearsal. Their simple line, not very glamorous but warm, enveloping, comfortable, with a soft touch, has influenced my last collection, characterizing with the presence of wool and cashmere gauze and boiled wool. "
The material character of the collection also incorporates some of the stories already proposed in the previous season, reinterpreting and adapting them. This is the case of the print with marble effect, revived now with more intimate and delicate textures and also applied to leather.
 "The common thread that links the whole collection – comments Andrea-, is a very special location, also stolen from the genius of Stravinsky: The Garden of Kashei. According to the Russian tradition, Kashei is a monstrous character that turns all men who dare to enter his garden in stone warriors. In this brutal scene, enters the Firebird that gives all sleep through a hypnotic dance, like a sweet lullaby. Upon awakening, the stone has disappeared and the warriors return to be free men".
From the inspiration in balance between fable and tradition, the creativity of Cammarosano translates into a collection split in two, which is proposed to interpret the fluidity of the dancers and the hardness of the warriors, the transparency of the dream and the touch of reality. The first part, made of dark colors and hard materials such as wool and cashmere laminates, woven with metallic texture and marbled leather, is the stone, its stridor, its coldness.
The second one is a celebration of newfound freedom and a reminiscence to the dance world translated into euphoria of white, transparency, wool and angora gauze.
“I mixed Alcantara with soft, warm materials, like those that dancers rehearse in; with laminated cashmere, to evoke strenght and softness of a special kind; with traditional blends of wool, to underline its timeless, dreamy feeling”.
An intimate collection of garments and accessories that reveals a narrative and poetic approach to fashion, but also with an eye on easy to wear looks and a coherent image.