Paola Puro. Who is on Next? 2013

By Federico Poletti
How did you start working with fashion? 
“I started designing clothes when I was very young. Growing up I realized it could have become my life and job. When I was six, when people asked me "What would you like to be when you grow up?" I did not reply " a ballerina" or "an astronaut", I would say "a fashion designer."
What is elegance for you?
“Elegance in my opinion is the perfect cohesion between the soul and the body. It is taking care of ourselves and not using clothes as a disguise, but as the most tangible expression of the soul.”
Additional projects
“I have also created a hand-made jewelry collection called PURO'STONES. Stones and raw crystals are meticulously set on rings, necklaces and men’s cufflinks.
I love to use natural stones as I know their energetic, healing and purifying power. And I would like to "teach" the wearers to use stones to look after themselves, balancing their body and energies.”
Your working and creative methods
“To create anything I start with the materials. With clothes, the fabric has to inspire positive sensations, memories, it has to feel somehow familiar at the touch.
After that I choose the colors, usually I create them myself. Once I have the material and the colors, the rest comes naturally. Memories surface that may be related to my personal life, or to a journey, old movies, art.
This is how clothes are created. At the beginning everything seem so confused. Once I have stopped pouring ink on the paper, I just wait. And with a clearer mind I sort out everything and it takes on a meaning.For me, it’s like psychotherapy.”
Is there an icon you would like to dress? And what clothes would you choose?
“I would dress anyone. Or better, anyone who wanted to be Dressed. People are my icons.”
What does Who is on Next? represent for your career?
“Who is on Next? is like giving birth after a long pregnancy, coming to life, growing.”
What do you expect from taking part in the finals ?
“I expect to meet people like me. I expect to see the beauty of creation. And I hope to meet people who understand my language.”
Describe Florence in three words
“Ivory, Bacchus, Elegance.”
Describe your style in three words 
“Color, sartorial, pure”.