Superduper. Who is on Next? 2013

Fashion / Design / Graphics / Photography / Performance By Federico Poletti
Your background
“The SuperDuper Hats teams is composed of three minds and six hands. Of course the backgrounds are all different; I am a musician, Veronica a dancer with a degree in Design and Ilaria an architect...” 

How did you start working in fashion? 
“Ilaria and Veronica had always been attracted by fashion, developing also transformable outfits. Before creating SuperDuper, I ended up working in fashion on various fronts, without really pursuing the idea”.

What is elegance for you?
“Elegance is balance, the harmony of various elements combined together”.
Other experiences in fashion? Alternative projects? If, so which ones?
“I belong to a creative collective: Art Comes First. We have showcased our first concept, "the Coal", last season at Pitti and, by popular demand, we will present our second project called "The Hard Graft: DJ technique applied to menswear" again at Pitti in June”.
Your working method and creative process
“Research is at the core of our work. Creativity requires inspirations and they may come unexpectedly from a picture, music, a suggestion. Right after, however, comes the almost primitive need to translate the idea into something concrete, tangible. The physical approach with the materials is very important in our work”. 
Is there an icon you would like to dress?
“I’d like to place a hat on the head of Tom Waits, who, besides being one of the last true poets of contemporary counter-culture, is the figure I associate the most with a hat”. 
What does Who is on Next? represent for your career?
"Who is on Next? is a chance to raise our voice and gain visibility with a wider audience”.
What do you expect from participating in the finals?
“I don’t like to focus on expectations, the most important thing for us is all that we’ll do to prepare for the finals. In other words, the path that will lead us there”.
Describe Florence in three words
“Luckily I live and work far from the city center, in the countryside, so for me Florence is my garden, is fresh air and obviously the lampredotto (that as our Indonesian friend said once "In Florence lampredotto is more important than the Cathedral ")!”
Your style in three words? 
“Strong, sincere, clean”.