Fashion By Stefano Guerrini
Lukas Vincent, the Australian designer behind the brand EX Infinitas, has segmented an aesthetic that combines the lyricism of 70s surf culture alongside a polished, minimalist modern punk. Vincent’s acute ability to combine the Australian trite – everyday – sand, surf and beach sensibilities into refined functional tailoring is testimony to his knowledge acquired from the scene on the streets, as a young nomadic boy raised in a suburban Australian beachside town, combined with his experience working with leaders in the industry in Paris and New York. 
Lukas Vincent

Can you describe your line and the main features of your brand in a few words?

The Australian sartorial surf brand, specialising in luxury ready-to-surfwear & accessories.
Do you know Pitti Uomo and which are your expectations behind this project?
Australia has always been very aware of Pitti Uomo and it’s an honor to have the opportunity to present our collection to a European audience. 
Can you tell us something about what we will see in Florence (the main inspirations behind the collections and something about it)?
For SS18 collection the brand examines what it means to be on the fringe of society. The energy of what it feels like to have sex and experience entheogenic drugs. We discover, the universal need for liberation from the restrictions of mundane existence, is satisfied by altered states of consciousness. That we dream every night - whether we remember or not - demonstrates we have a natural disposition to these altered states. In praise of the Australian influence throughout the brand, color and fabric choices are informed by the vivid plastic hues of surfboard leg ropes and stickers, extreme Jamaican surfers and elements of classic Italian sartorialism.