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STRATEAS CARLUCCI is a creative collaboration between Australian designers Peter Strateas and Mario-Luca Carlucci. Each season, STRATEAS CARLUCCI create collections through the concept of binary oppositions as an underlying theme in their work. By merging and colliding these opposing worlds and notions, each collection, and the work found in each collection, results in unique and uninhibited concepts. Designing both for Men and Women, STRATEAS CARLUCCI have championed a Masculine / Feminine duality within their collections through the idea of creating a unified collection that is not driven by gender, but by a concept. Fabric innovation and experimentation is a key purveyor in the STRATEAS CARLUCCI brand. Each season the brand continues to develop, yet also, reinterpret fabrics in new and challenging ways. The aim of their Studio is to merge art and design through research and experimentation into other mediums and disciplines. Each season, it sees the studio charter into new territories and unorthodox design techniques, which results in interesting methodologies and ways of creating, constantly challenging the perception of fashion and art. 

Mario-Luca Carlucci

Can you describe your line and the main features of your brand in a few words?

STRATEAS CARLUCCI designs are focused around construction and tailoring, whilst adopting utilitarian and sportswear elements. Our vision is to create garments that are timeless and wearable through structured and minimal styles, yet still convey a compelling story.
Fabric innovation and experimentation is a key purveyor our collections. Each season we continue to develop yet also, reinterpret fabrics in new and challenging ways.
Do you know Pitti Uomo and which are your expectations behind this project?
Yes, we are excited about Pitti Uomo and look forward to showcasing our collection. We hope to make connections with buyers and stores, as well as media and press. We hope to generate more exposure for our brand.
Can you tell us something about what we will see in Florence (the main inspirations behind the collections and something about it)?
Remaining true to the brands DNA, gender fluidity is at the core of this collection. Toying with masculine and feminine forms and fabrications, the hero of the collection remains strong silhouettes and sharp tailoring, with oversized shapes and voluminous bottoms, however street practicality keeps the collection grounded via the bomber jackets, pierced hoodies and sweaters and knit categories.