15 Jun 2011

Guest Nation Distruktur, Chelpa Ferro and Maga Bo

Music / Design / Graphics
The “undefinable” CHELPA FERRO will give a musical performance based on the relentless dialogue about the concepts of texture, space organisation, layers, perspective, density, speed, repetition and fragmentation through objects modified into instruments to produce cascades of noise and real-time provocative field recordings that feature an unmistakable background of the rhythms of Brazilian popular music. 
“Éternau Alterstereo” is a performance by the duo DISTRUKTUR, - Melissa Dullius&Gustavo Jahn, from Porto Alegre/Florianopolis, who now live in Berlin. This performance, in the tradition of expanded experimental cinema, is a dual 16mm projection accompanied by a collage soundtrack conceived especially for Tudo è. 
To close, the live performance by MAGA BO, cult musician and producer, currently busy in Morocco on the Beyond Digital project with DJ RUPTURE from New York, one of the most respected musicians and producers in the interdisciplinary field between the hottest cult music and art over the past few years. Maga Bo actually lives in Rio de Janeiro, but spends most of his time travelling around the world’s urban areas collecting pirate cassettes that range from hip hop to kwaito, from baile funk to ragga jungle, from dub to grime right through to dubstep which he mixes in unforgettable live performances with hints of samba, rai, bhangra, cumbia and bursts of electronica. Maga has played in clubs like the legendary Fabric in London and also at Indie festivals like Club Transmediale in Berlin, The Sydney Festival, Turntables on the Hudson in New York and The Chicago World Music Festival.