16 Jun 2011

Guest Nation Pablo Léon de la Barra, Favela on Blast and Tetine & Jarbas Lopes

Music / Design / Graphics
The evening opens with a performance-lecture by PABLO LEÓN DE LA BARRA, an eclectic character, artist and curator born in Mexico City who has lived and worked in London for the past 9 years. Here he has developed a body of work that has made of him an admirable example of cultural interventionist. Combining his creations as an artist with his work as curator or editor of "Pablo Internacional Magazine” and refusing to draw a boundary of hierarchy and value between the two fronts he is active on, he has become a catalyst and bridge between the different cultural contexts, in particular those in Latin America and Europe. 
After this comes a screening of the documentary Favela on Blast by the film director LEANDRO together with DIPLO, one of today’s most famous Brazilian djs and producers, whose productions have brought to the world the subgenre of Brazilian music known as baile funk, funk carioca or favela funk. The film is not just musical but a close-up on the reality of favela funk.
This will be followed by a musical performance by TETINE, the glamour-chic duo, presenters of an influential programme on baile funk music broadcasted by Resonance FM, authors of compilations and many albums over the past ten years. The duo comprises the artist-musicians Bruno Verner and Eliete Mejorado, born in Sao Paolo in the nineties – and today at home in London – who came to fame on the international clubbing scene as the cult name of “favela-chic style”.