Guest Nation Aase Hopstock

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What is a designer inspired by the most today in Denmark?
I think Scandinavian designers are like designers anywhere, they are inspired by their personal passions and their surrounding environment, a both static and ever-changing visual input. Personally I am always inspired by the urban environment, the mix of the old and new, the rough and sleek, the energy and pace of a city.
What is the fil rouge of your collection shown at Pitti? 
The Spring/Summer 2013 collection was mainly inspired by the Cabaret club Tropicana in Havana, Cuba. It is a playful, bright and tactile collection. Autumn Winter ‘13- ‘14 is called “Newton’s Law” and is an ode to the photographer Helmut Newton. It is sleeker, more sensual and bold, very glamorous.

How was it developed and what is the privailing element?
SS13 started with a floral print and moved on from there, the main focus is on bright colours and prints, and on a balance between playful glamour and timeless elegance. AW13-14 began with Helmut Newton’s 1970s YSL shots for French Vogue, two or three shots inspired the whole collection.

Fashion and art: how do they influence each other today?
I think they go hand in hand, always have and always will. One isn’t necessarily the other, but they will always be related. Art may influence fashion in a greater extent, and we certainly see a strong Kusama and Pop-Art influence at the moment.