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What is a designer inspired by the most today in Denmark?
Denmark is well known for our open minds, and when it comes to inspiration, that is no exception. In my work I cultivate inspiration more as a motivator for refinement than for progress. As the world of today enables our creative tentacles to reach further turning isolated trends worldwide within a very short period of time, designs and looks become important means needed for our individual liberation. Our state-of-mind are a much more essential source of inspiration than actual tangible elements. However sometimes inspiration can overwhelm you as a wild river, so to be successful in processing my inspiration, I must incorporate it, in order to not deviate too much from my strong love for a continuous refinement of my design beliefs. 
What is the fil rouge of your collection shown at Pitti? 
As the collections continuously demonstrate the AW 2013-2014 proves that Anne Vest is incredibly strong when it comes to create sleek statement pieces that rays feminine edge and ultimate luxury.
How was it developed and what is the privailing element?
The prevailing elements for Anne Vest are shape and silhouettes. So a lot of draping precedes our collections. The Anne Vest look is mostly striped for superfluities, enabling our love for shape and quality express themselves.
Fashion and art: how do they influence each other today?
Every designer will probably insist on fashion being an art form. Sometimes fashion prevails art and sometimes vice versa, which is the beauty of it. As our wardrobe is an expression of how we feel, and art being the gateway to our feelings, the two are inseparable and therefore very influential on each other.