Guest Nation Freya Dalsjö

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What is a designer inspired by the most today in Denmark?
Like any designer, from anywhere i guess. Your surroundings, how you would like your surroundings to be like, your perceptions, what you find interesting exploring, expressing and experimenting with.
What is the fil rouge of your collection shown at Pitti?
Shapes, texture, volume, body consciousness, “how to suit yourself”. Every look has this very chic futuristic feeling, very exclusive in the materials and craft.
How was it developed and what is the privailing element?
We work closely on the overall idea and concept. We develop the feeling of the collection working with music, ideas for video, visuals and imagery, ideas for presentation, and then we start sketching and stitching and create every piece ourselves. For this collection we have been inspired by distorting and manipulating body shapes by light and processing design. Letting outside factors influence the way you perceive what you see, manipulating the clothes and body, inspired by an interpretation of surrealism and futurism.
Fashion and art: how do they influence each other today?
Art - objects, paintings, movies, photographies etc. is transmitting feelings, and I am interested in creating shapes that expresses and transmits certain feelings. Looking to art, movies, literature, pictures or whatever expressional media, gives me an urge to create my own atmosphere, it fuses an energy to make things, to say something with your own tools. Art questions and states, and as a designer I feed of that, it makes me aware of my surroundings and generates thoughts. It would be suicidal for a designer not to look to art, and naturally it inspires me, on several levels. Fashion is still seen as something a bit superficial, especially compared to art. Fashion has do with creating images, images to abide to. Until maybe the French Revolution, art was fundamentally a representation of the divine, but in that representation there was a sense of reality, sence of surroundings, sence of people - from the very moment that you represent a body, naked or idealised, it has to do with fashion: the fact that, at a certain moment in history, men were bearded or weren’t, is in itself a sign of fashion. Basicly fashion and art is something very different, yet they feed of each other.