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What is a designer inspired by the most today in Denmark?
I am inspired by the objective of achieving a succesful business out of my work. I believe my drive is finding a path where creating beautiful pieces can be commercial and sellable at the same time. I am inspired by offering good quality and long lasting pieces and keeping true to my design universe of sophisticated essentials.


What is the fil rouge of your collection shown at Pitti?
Focus is the key. That is also from where our Latin name Minoro came up. It means to "cut away". We dont call our range a collection as we offer a much smaller range with few items. We like to call our range a capsule. Focus groups are jersey, leather and some few tailored woven pieces such as suits and coats. Colours are always black, grey, midnight blue and ofwhite. The fil rouge will always be playing with the contrast of masculine versus feminine.

How was it developed and what is the privailing element?
Supporting local weavers and production. All fabrics are made in Europe and produced with European Factories. We want to support the suffering local business and by doing so and placing production time at the factories less busy "inbetween season", we achieve a win
win situation and thereby a generous price level for the end consumer.
Fashion and art: how do they influence each other today?
It depends on the brand I think. For me personally art is always an important source and inspiration. What would we be without.....and how sad would the world be without art.
Artists always thinks out of the box, and I believe in the world we live in today we
need to think differently and find inspiration within the limitations.