Guest Nation Stine Ladefoged

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What is a designer inspired by the most today in Denmark?
Wherever one finds his inspiration is very individual, but a common feature of Danish designers will probably always be that we are influenced by our Scandinavian background and the environment that surrounds us.
What is the fil rouge* of your collection shown at Pitti? 
My AW13 collection is inspired by skeletons and the infrastructure of bones, which can be seen in the shape, detailing and jacquard pattern of the knitwear.
How was it developed and what is the privailing element?
The collection was developed in my studio in Copenhagen. My approach to the design process is a combination of sketching by hand, knitted samples and draping on the dress form, with my source of inspiration as a starting point. The prevailing element is to find in the contour of the sculptural shapes and detailing.
Fashion and art: how do they influence each other today?
Art and fashion constantly meet in new forms, they are definitely influenced by each other which probably is the reason why you often see collaborations between designers and artists.