Guest Nation Daniz Kaprol

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After graduating from Kultur College in ─░stanbul , Daniz Kaprol completed her university studies at the Fashion Inst─▒tute of Technology in New York and launched her own haute couture jewelry brand,  DKaprol, in 2001 . Her collections feature silver, gold and bronze pieces of the highest craftsmanship, enhanced by precious, semi-precious stones and diamonds, for both men and women having a modern and avant-garde style .  DKaprol collections are available in the best stores and websites and in the brand’s flagship store on Baghdad Street in Istanbul.  Daniz Kaprol has also designed the Fashion Designers Association award and has worked with the Eastpak brand. She also attends the Milano e Miami Fashion Weeks. 

How has your country influenced your style?
My country has always been a combination of eastern and western cultures and beliefs. I was grown up with these mixed values, so it helped me to feel and think both ways. I have always been sentimental to both sides. This has affected my style, it can announce to both cultures.
What is it that made you fall in love with fashion design?
The freedom of creating, the freedom of expressing ones self.. there are millions of ways for creating things, and you can use many different materials. It definitely gives you the chance of expressing yourself without any limits.
Turkey is this year’s Pitti Guest Nation. What should we expect?
Creativity, differences, beauty, understanding, speech. You will find all of these in harmony with our culture, with a bridge to the west.
What other form of “art” could fashion be associated with and why?
You can associate any kind of art with fashion. Fashion is a combination of many arts like film, painting and photograpy. A dress making or a jewellery has nothing different than architecture. They all lie on the same philosophy and basis.
Please tell us something about the collection you will be showing at Pitti and its sources of inspiration.
It tells about the paradox of life, which consists of death and life together within one time line. Not only the death and life, but it also tells about all the contrasts.
Plans for the future?
Opening up more stores, selling through website and definitely a mens collection.
A dream. 
Making “ Dkaprol “ brand a worldwide one.