Guest Nation Elif Cığızoğlu

Fashion / Design Let's get to know the designers of Pitti Guest Nation

An icon of  Turkish women’s fashion, this young designer enjoys playing with the most precious materials, shapes and colors. Her garments are structured yet soft and feminine. Cığızoğlu is not afraid of experimenting with fabrics and her creations are known for the lovely and bright pastel color nuances. Her creations may be described as a bridge between the past and the future, though very personal in style. 

How has your country influenced your style?
Defiantly yes , I have the chance to study fashion design abroad in France and Newyork. With this opportunity I have the chance to blend many differences. .
What is it that made you fall in love with fashion design?
There is no limit in fashion design you can create as long as , as far as or as high as you imagine or dream. There is continues change and rhythm.  

Turkey is this year’s Pitti Guest Nation. What should we expect?
I as well as all the Turkish designers want to demonstrate the strength and creativity of new generation Turkish designers. You should expect to experience  the creativity  supported with the Turkey's high quality production.
What other form of “art” could fashion be associated with and why?
I would say Architecture.  They have the same mathematical method and equations .
Please tell us something about the collection you will be showing at Pitti and its sources of inspiration.
 I have been inspirated from the quick changes of life. Used symetrical and strong form to exspress my vision
Plans for the future?
My biggest plan and dream is to be known and appretiated as a Turkish designer around the globe.