Guest Nation Emre Erdemoğlu

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With the collection "The Glider", a tribute to the memory of Otto Lilienthal, heroic pioneer of gilder’s flights, the Turkish designer was awarded the National Chamber of Italian Fashion Award at the 20th edition of Mittelmoda The Fashion Award. A style in menswear that finds its soul in the lessons of the past and mixes it with new technical applications

The Flight

The collection of designer is a tale that takes inspiration from the history of the aviator Otto Lilienthal and his research on the art of flight. A guided tour of the technique, materials and details characterized by the symbol of the glider, clothes that carry with them the charm of a timeless past.

How has your country influenced your style?
Turkey is a really rich country in all respects and there are plenty things that can be inspiration to a designer, we have a different culture.Cause I live here, I feel lucky as a designer.When I prepare my collection, the most excited part is the story.When I creating my characters at collection, I meet losts of materials.
What is it that made you fall in love with fashion design?
It makes me excited that to create with collecting the different texture and colours.Living with this excitement makes me happy.

Turkey is this year’s Pitti Guest Nation. What should we expect?
7 hill city represent the 7 designer, 7 gentleman... Our slogan is Gentleman of İstanbul.İn this fact, 7 designer whom choosen  for the national attendance prepared an gentleman look and all has a story, from our culture, from us...

What other form of “art” could fashion be associated with and why?
i think that all the forms of art is nested.Sometimes from a painting's colour, sometimes from a form, sometimes from an architecture, I can't take myself for inspiration.

Please tell us something about the collection you will be showing at Pitti and its sources of inspiration.
The “Glider” (sailplane) collection is the expression of fantastic memoirs ( a life story) in costumes. Otto Lilienthal, can be called as the first pilot in history due to his flight trials which he made with his double winged sailplane. Lilienthal was inspired by the birds to start his investigation on the art of flight and has taken more than two thousand flights with the double and single winged sail planes that he has designed.
The subtle details that were used in the theme, creates the main structure of the collection. The theme of “Glider” will be shown a lot in the details of the collection.

Plans for the future?
İn my way, I want to move on with rich designs, rich success.

A dream. 
My only dream is the create to my last breate, do only fashion.