Guest Nation Niyazi Erdoğan

Let's get to know the designers of Pitti Guest Nation

Born in 1978 in Tarsus, Niyazi Erdoğan completed his architectural studies at the University of Istanbul in 1999. While working in well-known architectural firms, in 2003 he made it to the finals of the ITKIB  competition for young fashion designers. He then founded the Nesign Design Factory and joined the Eroni company. In 2009, he designed his first men’s collection. Niyazi Erdoğan loves design in all its forms and his creations tell about a wide and collective vision of fashion based on the use of natural fabrics and attentive to the planning of shapes. 


How has your country influenced your style?
My  home town and the cultural values I have raised with have affected me a lot . The life style of a person is influenced by the way you are and my lifestyle and my designs talk a lot about me. Plus, clothing is one of the most important sectors in our country, and working as a fashion designer gives me a lot of satisfactions.

What is it that made you fall in love with fashion design?

You never explain  love. It just happens .

Turkey is this year’s Pitti Guest Nation. What are we going to see?

I will be the art director of the common trend area  at Pitti Uomo this year. Turkish designers will be presenting their menswear outfits. We want to celebrate the ever greater importance  Turkish designers have acquired in these last years when our country has  continued producing  ready-to-wear clothing items for the international market. Well, you’ll see our offers  for future generations that have been inspired by our history. It will be a festive occasion for all of you.

What other form of “art” could fashion be associated with and why?

Cinema is the  only form of ‘’art’’ fashion could be associated with because it refers to the way you live and the world you live in. Men’s fashion is related to the style more than every single garment or item.

Please tell us something about the collection you will be showing at Pitti and its sources of inspiration.

The  main theme for my S/S 2014 collection is travelling. A cosmopolitan man needs more comfort and dynamic clothes than ever. Fabrics are %100 natural and they are really light. This collection brings men closer to nature.

Plans for the future?

My best plan is not to make any long-term plans.

A dream.

A vacation after the fair.