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What is “feminine” style for you?
A feminine style is what defines being a woman in today’s world.

When did your passion for fashion and design begin?
At the time of studies in high school I used to draw ladies dresses just for fun. Later, at the age of 16-17, I’ve realized to have a great interest to fashion and design.

From what a Designer must begin to give style to women, without giving their identity up?
A designer always knows The Special Woman he creates his collections for. I know the personalities of my clients too well to ignore their uniqueness. 

What are the key pieces - the real must-haves - of your collection?
There is always basic set of looks added with creative part looks, which show the distinct characteristics of the collection and an idea behind it. 

Where do you see yourself in ten years? What are your dreams?
My dreams are very sacred to me I keep them unrevealed. I can only assure that dreams come true. In ten years I will be 35. I’d like to be a great professional in my industry and have the inspiration and passion for what I do. 

Who is the designer who inspires you? Who is your fashion icon?
I tend to prefer the style of PRADA, JIL SANDER and CELINE... Still, I wouldn’t say I have a fashion-icon, I’m discovering my own way.

Which is your creative method?
There is always one ultimate idea which wins among many others that have been there at the start. When all thinking and drawing is done, the technical process begins. 

What was your most important mistake? The one from which you learn the most?
All mistakes I had made me a better person and professional. I’ve gained a valuable experience. 

What do you expect from this experience at Pitti Uomo and W?
I trust Pitti is a great opportunity to meet new international buyers and media. We are working hard to make the attendance as efficient as possible.

If you have not been a fashion designer, what would you have done?
….maybe photographer or an artist….Actually if I was not a fashion designer, I’d still become one!