01 Jun 2011

10 A Suspender Trousers Company

Fashion Who Is On Next? UOMO 2011

The brand, established in 2008 when Daria Dazzan met Matteo Cibic, began with artisan production of ten pairs of trousers a month. Daria who earned her degree at the Royal Antwerp Academy and lives in Paris has worked with avant-garde designers such as Veronique Branquinho and Hussein Chalayan. Matteo Cibic, the brand’s product designer and art director, also does communications and design work for clothing brands. Their sartorial research led to the birth of 10 A Suspender Trousers Company a concept based on reinterpretations of two essential items: trousers and suspenders. Their one-of-a-kind items are characterized by fine fabrics, high quality and precise detailing and strictly Italian manufacturing. A full collection of sizes and styles was the next, short step. Their love and dedication is evident in even the smallest detail – from making each pair of slacks to the choice of fabrics, linings and leathers – and it all comes together in functional lines, and excellent fits, inspired by everyday living.